What is AnimeVibe?

AnimeVibe is an Ad-Free Anime Streaming (Website) Service & a Discord Community.

What is the discord about?

It's for discussing anime, games, memes and some other random stuff. You can also receive site related support and discuss issues on the site.


We follow the basic discord ToS and rules here including the #rules channel on the discord.

Is the AnimeVibe site free?

Yes, it is free. No registration is required either.

Is AnimeVibe site legal?

Yep, it's pretty much legal. AnimeVibe doesn't store any anime/episodes on it's own servers, we just provide or index 3rd party streaming links from other sites, basically like Google but for watching Anime. You are always welcome to check out AnimeVibe DMCA page on the sites Info section. Please know, we do not support Piracy, and we recommend you to go as legal as possible. Know your state laws on anime copyrights.

How old is AnimeVibe (ProjectVibe)?

The site was officially/publicly released between July and August 2018. The Discord community was formed back in December 2017.

Does AnimeVibe have an App?

Nope, there is no app currently, any apps you find online are not distributed/maintained by AnimeVibe officially and these apps can contain malwares. Be careful and wary of impersonators and fake applications. Will there be an app in the future? Not sure, it’s not decided yet, but if we do plan on developing an app, everyone on Discord will be notified. Besides, the website is mobile responsive and works smoothly.

I need help with the site/discord...?

Please use the #help channel on the ProjectVibe Discord server.

The admin/dev/moderator asked me my site username and password. What should I do?

Don't give it, there's only one Developer and admin of the site and that's Doflamingo (aka Doffy), and he won't ever ask your AnimeVibe password. He might need your username if and only if you are facing an issue with your account on the site. Never share your password. (Some people might impersonate the owner/dev/admin/moderator, please be careful of them. If you find out someone is impersonating as a staff member, please report them ASAP)

What is AnimeVibe Lite?

It's a more simple, relatively faster and automated version of AnimeVibe. Which implies newer episodes are released on Lite first, before the main site (More about it here).

What are the original domains/links to AnimeVibe?

AnimeVibe has currently 4 Domains :

All other sites and links are fake, be careful.

How do I Fix "Embed Blocked" Error?

Why is AnimeVibe’s ___ Streaming Servers slow for me?

Please know AnimeVibe doesn't store any anime on it's server, all servers are 3rd party hosts and if it's slow for you, it's not because AnimeVibe is slow, it's because the 3rd party host is slow for you (depends on your location and internet speed) I can not do anything about these servers. You have to switch between servers and find the right server for you.

The site went offline, is it just me or did the website run into a problem?

Please contact support, you will know if it's the website or not. If in case the site goes offline you can always use the lite version ( https://lite.animevibe.tv/ ) lite never goes offline, it's a backup to the site. You will often be notified if the site is offline and when it comes back online.

When I go to the site it shows that the government has blocked it, what do I do?

The site is known to be blocked in Australia and can be blocked in other countries in the future. When that happens then you can access https://animemate.xyz/ or https://lite.animemate.xyz/ to attempt to bypass this. If this fails then you can try changing your DNS to something different like Yandex DNS or OpenDNS or use a trustworthy VPN.

I see ads on the site, wasn't it supposed to be ad free?

We currently only have one banner ad to help keep the servers running. However it can be easily disabled for two days by clicking the option below the player. If the banner ad doesn't disappear then it may be due to server caching error, in that event try to login to your Animevibe account and try again. However some video players do have their own ads that we fail to block which can lead to ads that we do not control. Try switching the streaming server or enable an ad blocker.

I don't see the latest episode of an currently airing anime on the site, when will it come?

Under normal circumstances the site should update it's episode library multiple times a day so it will arrive within the first 24 hours of airing. If you do not wish to wait then use Animevibe lite to get the latest episodes quickly (https://lite.animevibe.tv/ or https://lite.animemate.xyz/).

What can I do while the main site is offline or under heavy load?

Then you can try our backup site - AnimeVibe Lite which would be https://lite.animevibe.tv/ or https://lite.animemate.xyz/.

Where can I donate to help keep the site running?

We have a patreon that goes directly to the Developer which helps with the server cost. You can find more info about it here: https://animevibe.tv/donate/

What is HentaiVibe?

HentaiVibe is a project/site for animated hentai where you can watch them over at https://hentaivibe.tv/ or find it in the navigation menu on the main site. We also have a sister discord server associated with HentaiVibe https://discord.com/invite/vvpGdms. Remember that it's 18+